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"The quality of dofollow.io's work has been amazing."
- Gael Breton, Authorityhacker.com
Customers who love our premium link building service
Hey, it's Mark.
Watch my full review of dofollow.io's links here. They've built some of the best links I've ever seen!
- Mark Webster, Authorityhacker.com

What Our Customers Say about us

The quality of links we got from dofollow's journalist outreach was outstanding.
Vishal Mavadia -CEO, RapidVisas

Vishal Mavadia

CEO, RapidVisas

Working with DoFollow has been a delight. It's completely hands-off (once the initial onboarding and set-up are done).
Andre Zayarni, CEO - Qdrant

Sumit Bansal

Authorityhacker Pro Member & 
Affiliate Site Owner

If you want to build a backlink profile that includes more than just your standard niche sites or HARO placements, pull the trigger on dofollow.io.
Mark Webster, Founder - authorityhacker.com

David Wurst

Small Business Owner

We get our customers featured on sites like

Success stories

Success stories from our customer Career Platform

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Career Platform

Success Metric
535% Organic Traffic Growth
They assisted us by providing content suggestions, helping us to generate more backlinks and boost our traffic. The service is very hands-off, allowing us to concentrate on other SEO tasks.
Marketing Manager
Success stories

Success stories from our customer Social Media Management Platform

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Key result For

Social Media Management Platform

Success Metric
239x Increase in Organic Traffic
“Their proactive link monitoring ensured that if any of my links is removed, all of them will be fixed or replaced, which protects our investment.”
SEO Manager
Success stories

Success stories from our customer Marketing Data Platform

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Marketing Data Platform

Success Metric
87% Increase in Organic Traffic
"One thing that stood out for me was not only the quality of the service, but also the quality of the link. Additionally, they promptly fixed any missing links. Not many agencies out there provide this level of service."
SEO Manager
Success stories

Success stories from our customer Revenue Platform

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Revenue Platform

Success Metric
456% Increase in Organic Traffic
"We're reaching our SEO targets every month with excellence."
SEO Manager
Success stories

Success stories from our customer Heymarket

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Success Metric
485% Increase in Organic Traffic
“We are amazed by the quality of the links dofollow.com earns; The names recognizability of the websites and their relevance to our industry has been very pleasing”
Hailey Colwell
Content Marketing Manager - Heymarket
Success stories

Success stories from our customer NectarHR

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From 0 to 50
"The results with dofollow have been incredible. From organic traffic we went from booking zero demos a month to now over 50 a month. I can't speak highly enough about the dofollow team and the amazing work that they've done."
Trevor Larson
Nectar, Co-Founder & CEO
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"Dofollow.io has been the best investment in terms of SEO I've made since we made organic traffic a focus of our marketing strategy. The consistency and quality of their links is outstanding and the ROI is insane!"
Sam Shepler
CEO - Testimonialhero.com


"Dofollow is the first agency that managed to deliver consistent high quality over many months."
Chris Lim
CEO - flowshot.ai
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Frequently Asked Questions

What we do

We are a full service link building agency. That means we handle outreach, placement negotiations, relationship managent, quality assurance, reporting and much more for you. See us as a fractional link building expert on your team. We handle all link building tasks so you can focus on other areas of your business.

How we do it

We can build some of the best links you have ever seen, using our approach we call "user centric link building". Google rewards sites that build links that enhance the end users experience. So that is what we do. We build links that are highly relevant to the content of the linking page as well as the target page on your site. This way we not only build super powerful links but also provide sustainable organic growth that won't get you penalized.

Who we work with

We mainly work with clients in the areas of:

  • Tech & Marketing
  • Education
  • HR

Who we won't work with

We don't work with more consumer product focused brands like:

  • Dog & Cat sites
  • Health sites
  • Local construction services etc.

What you need to commit to

There are a few requirements we have that you will need to meet to work with us. Here are a select few:

  • Have an extensive blog with high quality content
  • Allow us to work with your entire blog, not just with a few target pages. We strongly believe in a rising tied floats all boats and building links to your entire blog will ensure maximum relevancy and sustainability
  • A minimum budget of $3000 / month
  • An ongoing content production process so we get new content to build links to

What you can expect in return

The obvious answer to this question is great, powerful links. But beyond that:

  • Peace of mind - all links have been vetted by our extensive quality assurance process
  • Sustainability - we align our incentives with Google by focusing on relevancy and the end user experience. This massively reduces the risk of getting penalised. No more spammy links. Just great quality.
  • Time - our team of experts will handle all link building tasks for you so you can focus on turning your business into a rocket ship.
  • Feedback - we often give feedback on interesting linkable assets we find during our research so you can steal your competitors ideas to outperform them.

How to measure success

They way you should think about measuring success of our link building efforts is similar to cooking a great meal for dinner. When you go grocery shopping you measure success by the quality of the individual ingredients you can find. Only after cooking you decide if the whole meal was a success.

Same is true for link building. When we deliver links to you, please measure these on the individual quality of the link. This could be:

  • Relevancy
  • Domain Rating (DR)
  • Traffic of the referring domain
  • Traffic of the referring page
  • Traffic origin of the referring domain
  • Other link placements on the referring page
  • SEO neighborhood of referring domain (is it linking to sketchy sites)
  • And much much more...

We don't have control over your overall SEO efforts (technical SEO, content, competitors, keyword research etc.) so we won't base our success on how well your SEO efforts are going.

We are one ingredient of your SEO recipe, but you can rest asured that this ingredient will be up to the highest quality you can get.