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    We will identify top leader websites in your niche. We only work with the best.

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    We will reach out to websites to pitch a guest post idea.

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    Our team will write an article to publish on the website with your backlink.

Ask our consultant Selection Process

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    Niche Filter

    We narrow down the authority leaders within your niche

    10% of Websites pass

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    Next step is our strict metrics filter

    TF: 15~ DR: 40~ DA: 40~ Traffic: > 1000~/mo

    0.30% of Websites pass

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    We will make contact with webmasters and pitch them the idea of a guest post

    0.075% of Websites pass

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    We will negotiate the topic ad terms with the webmaster, so we can publish post

    0.0375% of Websites pass

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    The article is written, edited and approved by webmaster with your backlink

    0.03% of Websites pass

  • 10.0% of

    Websites pass

  • 0.30% of

    Websites pass

  • 0.07% of

    Websites pass

  • 0.04% of

    Websites pass

  • 0.03% of

    Websites pass

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  • Completely Hands Off does one thing and does one thing well - which is whitehat link building. We remove you from the burdensome task of having to prospect, outreach, negotiate, and write.

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    Our rigorous process allows us to obtain backlinks from the top 0.03% of sites, giving you the ultimate competitive advantage. We use the same process to power our own sites.

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Case Study

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Background was created towards the end of 2018. is an Amazon Affiliate site, meaning we post reviews, tips, guides to generate traffic & revenue. Domain was hand‑registered from scratch, nothing special.


We allowed the content on the site to age and settle in for a few months, then started building around ten links/mo to start and slowly ramp up. No new content was posted since February 2019 (this is as of May 5th, 2019). We will continue to add new content, scale up links, and add this to the portfolio, or exit once the site reaches maturity.


We see a growth in keyword rankings that will give us the foundation for a solid authority site in the short future.

Referring domain result
Organic traffic and keywords result

Examples of Blogs We Outreach To

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$10,000 /month
  • TF:15~
  • DR:40~
  • DA:40~
  • Traffic: > 1000~ /mo
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$15,000 /month
  • TF:15~
  • DR:40~
  • DA:40~
  • Traffic: > 1000~ /mo
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$30,000 /month
  • TF:15~
  • DR:40~
  • DA:40~
  • Traffic: > 1000~ /mo
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One thing I have always loved about SerpBook is the amazingly fast on-demand updates and accuracy.
Neil Patel

Co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar
and KISSmetrics

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How does outreach link building improve my SEO rankings?
Outreach link building, or guest posts is a form of obtaining backlinks, which will improve your site’s rankings. You can think of backlinks as a vote of confidence to your site. The process is simple, we will look on search engines for sites related to your niche. We will identify a list of real blogs and websites that could possibly give you a backlink. We run it through our top verification system and contact the websites with an interesting topic to write about. We will then write an article and they will publish the article with a link to your site in it.
What does Dofollow mean?
Great question - when a website links to you, you can think of this as "seo juice" being passed through. A Dofollow link tells search engines to pass this SEO juice over, whereas the opposite is a nofollow link.
How does this compare to other outreach services?
We pride ourselves on the top 0.03% of the link building on the market. Often other sites will sell PBNs as genuine outreach, or will have their own database of sites to publish to.
What kind of budget do you work with?
Our pricing can be found here - our service is not for everyone. We recommend education and finding the service that best suits your needs.
What are PBNs and how do I know these are not PBNs?
PBNs (private blog networks) are a portfolio of sites controlled by a single person or entity. They are used to publish backlinks across their network, and can risk penalty on your site. PBNs can often be spotted due to a lack of organic traffic, which is why this is one of the metrics in our service.
Which metrics will the backlinks be from?
The criteria will be the same criteria as the current projects we are targeting. They are: DA > 20, DR > 20, TF > 10, Monthly Traffic > 1000. The actual deliverable range results have historically averaged: DA: 40~, DR 40~, TF 20~, Monthly Traffic (5k-20k, depending on industry).
What is Domain Authority (DA)?
Domain Authority is a metric created by It’s exponentially easier to grow your website’s DA from 0 to 10 than it is from 60 to 70.
What is Domain Rating (DR)?
Domain Rating is a metric created by It’s exponentially easier to grow your website’s DA from 0 to 10 than it is from 60 to 70.
What is Trust Flow (TF)?
Trust Flow is a metric created by It analysis how trustworthy a site is based on it’s backlink portfolio.
What is meant by the traffic metric? Does this mean I will receive traffic from the guest post?
The traffic metric is the amount of estimated visitors the publishing site receives on a monthly basis. This data is gathered from Ahrefs.
What keywords can I use?
We allow to one URL / keyword in each guest post - we will try our best to fit the anchor in the guest post, but if there is too much ‘buyer intent’, the publishing site may reject it.
Which niches do you accept?
We don’t work with adult, casino, gambling, violence niches.
What happens if my links get deleted or are removed?
This is uncommon to see something like this to happen, but if it does, we’ll replace it within 90 days free of charge.
How fast is turnaround time?
We require 30 days for each batch, after the first month we get into a flow to help us speed things up. The reason it takes 30 days is because our entire service is manual, to ensure the highest quality.
How long does it take for a Guest Post to be indexed by Google?
It really depends on the search engines - depending on how active the site is, it can take anywhere from hours to weeks. We’ll always send you a report once we complete the order so you can take a look.
Can I see or approve the article before posting?
We don’t allow this as it will interrupt our flow, but all of our content are written by real humans.
Can I see some samples?