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From 4k to 900k Organic Traffic / Month for B2B Social Media Management Platform

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239x Increase in Organic Traffic

“Their proactive link monitoring ensured that if any of my links is removed, all of them will be fixed or replaced, which protects our investment.”

Trevor Larson
SEO Manager

This social media management software was focused on achieving product-led growth and needed to develop organic SEO as a sustainable and profitable acquisition channel. 

However, they faced significant challenges in building their in-house team due to limited knowledge and resources. 

Additionally, their past experiences with poor link-building practices had left them cautious. This time, they sought to partner with a specialist B2B SaaS link-building agency that could consistently deliver high-quality results month after month.

The Goal: Increase traffic to key pages

Social media management software is a crowded vertical dominated by established players. To compete, the client needed to get strategic and improve the rankings of key pages in the buyer journey. 

The client already knew which keywords and pages they wanted to focus on – they just needed a link-building expert to help them build authority. 

The Solution: In-depth competitor analysis and expert outreach

We analysed the backlink profiles of the social media management software vendors that were ranking for the client’s priority pages and keywords. 

From this, we were able to determine the sites we needed to get backlinks from and the types of content that attracted the most backlinks in this vertical. 

Once we’d assembled a list of high-authority sites to target based on competitor backlinks, our existing list of HR SaaS publications, and industry research, we began contacting editors and securing placements.

We focused on securing high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites. This ensured that the links not only boosted rankings but also drove valuable traffic to the client’s site.

The Results: 239x organic traffic increase

Our client’s organic traffic grew from nearly 4,000 to 900k per month, significantly boosting their online visibility and engagement.

For their top two keywords, traffic surged from 0 to 278k per month and 0 to 15k per month, respectively. Here are just a few of the links we built for this client:

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