Case Study - Heymarket

Heymarket Increases Organic Traffic by 485%

45K/M visitors
Increase from 7.5K organic traffic per month
#1 keyword
ranked in the top 5 results – up 65 positions
Average Domain Rating
Success Metric

485% Increase in Organic Traffic

“We are amazed by the quality of the links earns; The names recognizability of the websites and their relevance to our industry has been very pleasing”

Trevor Larson
Hailey Colwell
Content Marketing Manager - Heymarket

Heymarket is a business messaging solution that allows teams to easily track communications with shared phone numbers and inboxes. 

While their marketing team had some SEO knowledge, they lacked in-house link building expertise and wanted the help of a specialist. In 2022, they came to with the goal of increasing traffic to 15 of their key revenue-driving pages. 

The Challenge: Breaking into a competitive market

Messaging is a crowded segment. As of 2022, there were almost 3,000 SaaS vendors on the market. 

With so many solutions to choose from, and more established competitors dominating the search results, Heymarket needed a way to stack the odds so that their key pages could rank higher and be found by buyers.

The team had worked with other link building agencies in the past, but the links they’d acquired weren’t the best quality. Most were DR 50-60 links and the sites didn’t read as if the content was written by a human.

The Solution: Increase site authority to increase rankings for core keywords

Heymarket wanted to increase rankings for 15 core pages, each with 10 keywords. This meant we needed to boost rankings for a total of 150 keywords. 

To build links that would help Heymarket move the needle:

  1. We identified the competitors currently ranking for these core keywords and analyzed their backlink profiles to identify opportunities. 
  2. We did an industry deep dive to identify other high-authority sites and fill out the rest of our shortlist. 
  3. For the publications where we had existing contacts, like Hubspot, we reached out to editors to share relevant Heymarket content and find out about upcoming content pieces they were working on that Heymarket could provide resources for. 
  4. For other publications, we began fresh outreach.

Throughout the process, we kept Heymarket updated via their real-time client portal and regular check-in Loom videos. This meant they were always in the loop, without needing to dedicate time to meetings or proactively checking progress. 

The Impact: 485% increase in monthly organic traffic

After 14 months, Heymarket’s organic traffic grew from 7,500 monthly visitors to over 45,000.  Organic clicks increased by 253% YOY across the site. 


In total, Heymarket saw a 50% traffic increase for core keywords, with the largest jump for their top 20 keywords:

  • Traffic for the top 3 keywords increased by 347%, with the #1 keyword going from #70 to top #5 and the #2 keyword gaining +64 positions
  • Traffic for the top 4-10 keywords increased by 122% 
  • Traffic for the top 11-20 keywords increased by 99%

Outside of these top-priority keywords, Heymarket also saw numerous keywords going from unranked to Page 1 or 2. 

30% of all links we built for Heymarket were in the DR 80-90 range, with an overall average of DR77.

Some of the most notable links we built:

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