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87% Increase in Organic Traffic

"One thing that stood out for me was not only the quality of the service, but also the quality of the link. Additionally, they promptly fixed any missing links. Not many agencies out there provide this level of service."

Trevor Larson
SEO Manager

This MarTech company offers data reporting tools that are used by 2,000+ companies worldwide. Although they were already doing well with SEO, they wanted to boost organic traffic and reduce their reliance on more expensive channels like performance marketing.   

After previous disappointing experiences with link-building agencies, they aimed to partner with a specialist B2B SaaS link-building agency with a proven track record in MarTech that could deliver high-quality results every month.

The Goal: Obtain quality backlinks to maintain rankings 

MarTech is one of the most competitive verticals out there. Even for a company that was seeing 20k visits a month, it’s important to keep building relevant links from high-authority sites so the client could effectively compete with other vendors on both rankings and quality of backlinks.

The client had lots of great content and a solid SEO strategy. All they needed were link-building experts who could pour fuel on the fire and help them grow faster.  

The Solution: In-depth competitor and content analysis

First, we examined the backlink profiles of our client’s main competitors. We identified:

  • High-authority sites we would need to get links from to remain competitive
  • Which resources publications were linking to the most, to get ideas about how to leverage our client’s existing content
  • Opportunities for links that competitors had missed, so the client could gain an edge

We then audited the client’s content and identified the most relevant pages to target for link-building efforts. By initially focusing on pages with low-difficulty keywords, we secured valuable backlinks that significantly boosted their rankings. 

The Results: 87% increase in organic traffic

Monthly organic traffic increased from 20k to 38k, representing a 220k boost in the client’s previous traffic levels. To put this into perspective, achieving a similar increase through Google ads would have cost the client approximately $1.2 million. 

With’s link-building strategy, the cost was 40xlower.

With more of the client’s content being able to rank for high-intent keywords, they saw a 10x increase in monthly organic leads YOY – going from 226 leads in February 2023 to 2,536 leads in February 2024. 

For the client, one of the standout features of our service that proved most beneficial was our user-friendly portal. The client appreciated the ease with which they could monitor progress, always staying informed about the status of their link-building campaigns. 

Our transparent reporting system allowed them to clearly see the high quality of the links we secured, providing peace of mind and assurance in our methods.

Here are just a few examples of the links we built:

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