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From 1,000 to 40,000 Organic Visitors / Month for B2B Employee Engagement Platform

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"The results with dofollow have been incredible. From organic traffic we went from booking zero demos a month to now over 50 a month. I can't speak highly enough about the dofollow team and the amazing work that they've done."

Trevor Larson
Trevor Larson
Nectar, Co-Founder & CEO

Nectar is a SaaS platform in the HR-tech vertical. Nectar is a social connectivity tool that helps increase employee recognition both from top down and peer to peer interactions. The goal of the tool is to increase frequency of recognition within a company by making the process simple and streamlined.

Problem & Goal

The goal was to make organic traffic a viable SQL acquisition channel for Nectar. Nectar came to quite early in their journey. They had an amazing tool that they believed in (as did we), they had great long form content, and most importantly, Nectar & shares the same values in the context of work/company culture and what constitutes a strong link.

Trevor wanted to work with a link building agency that he could trust and wouldn’t require too much time overhead. After the initial month, which is a normal trust building period, he gave us autonomy to build links to Nectar the way we believed would move the needle. 

Nectar had a strong design, sound technical SEO infrastructure, they were just lacking the time and expertise to build safe, quality links.

Our Solution

We wanted to leverage the linkable assets on to build links on heavy hitting websites. Once we got traction on certain pieces of content, they would then create internal links to higher ROI/buyer intent pages.

We leveraged several different types of link building for Nectar: HARO, competitor analysis, and larger content marketing efforts.

Here are a few examples of links we built for Nectar:


Nectar went from zero demo bookings per month to over 50+. They also went from less than 1000 organic traffic/month to over 50,000/month.

Source: Ahrefs

We also worked to take link building off of the plate of the Nectar team. Their time was better spent on other areas of business development. We were able to achieve this growth with virtually zero time commitment from the owners/marketing team at Nectar.

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