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From 145k to 927k Organic Traffic / Month for HR SaaS Platform

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535% Organic Traffic Growth

They assisted us by providing content suggestions, helping us to generate more backlinks and boost our traffic. The service is very hands-off, allowing us to concentrate on other SEO tasks.

Trevor Larson
Marketing Manager

This personal career development platform aimed to boost its online visibility and attract more customers through organic SEO. 

The Goal: Increase organic traffic and compete with industry rivals

The client was already seeing some impressive traffic, with over 145k visitors in June 2023. However, they wanted to scale organic search as a proven low-cost acquisition channel and continue to improve their rankings against other career development tools. 

With a strong content and SEO strategy in place, the next step was to build a robust backlink profile. However, with limited resources and expertise in-house, executing a strategic link-building campaign proved difficult. 

The company wanted to partner with a dedicated and reliable agency specializing in link building for B2B SaaS companies. After coming across and seeing our proven track record in the HR SaaS sector, they knew we could provide the expertise and consistency needed to achieve their goals.

The Solution: In-depth competitor analysis and expert outreach

We began with a comprehensive analysis of the client's competitors, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their backlink profiles. 

This analysis provided crucial insights into which strategies were most effective in the industry and which opportunities could be leveraged for the client's benefit.

Once we’d assembled a list of high-authority sites to target based on competitor backlinks, our existing list of HR SaaS publications, and industry research, we began contacting editors and securing placements. 

The Results: 6x monthly traffic

Monthly traffic skyrocketed from 145k visitors to 927k visitors in just 9 months. 

This was thanks to the quality and relevance of the links built, with more than 20% of total links above DR 80. 

Some of the sites we built links to:

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