Dilara Durmus

Dilara is a Sales Development Representative at With a background as a Link Building Account Manager, she brings a deep understanding of Dofollow’s clients' needs into her sales role. Leveraging hands-on client experience, she navigates conversations with prospects and guides inbound sales calls towards successful outcomes.

Dilara is a Sales Development Representative at She embarked on her journey as a Link Building Account Manager, crafting tailored solutions for clients. Her transition into sales seamlessly integrates her hands-on experience, allowing her to excel in initiating meaningful conversations and guiding inbound sales calls.

With a knack for understanding client needs, Dilara's strategic mindset and human-centric approach have resulted in wins and positive client experiences. Committed to excellence, she contributes to's reputation for top-tier, customized link building solutions in the B2B SaaS and tech industries.In her downtime, Dilara's cat is her obsession. Mondays don't bother her – she loves her job and brings enthusiasm to each day. Based in Istanbul, she indulges in the city's traditional cuisine, with a weakness for its tempting sweets.